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He was a disciple of Bogar and his birth name is Nagarajan. Mantra sastra Ramadevar is one of the 18 yoga siddhas. Or. The Yoga of Siddha Boganathar [T. May Maha Guru Sri Agasthiar, the great Lord of Siddhas bless us all with spiritual regeneration. போகர் or Bogar or Bhogar or Boganathar or Boyang was a Tamil siddhar who lived sometime between 550 and 300 BC. A mantra to strengthen the root chakra is the Mul Mantra, literally the “Root Mantra”, which eliminates fear. Sri Narasimha Maha Mantra. Master’s insight of siddars, (Propose : Uma) When Babaji decided the need for a society in His name during the year 1944, to carry on the activities of science of Kriya Yoga, He ordered the Kriya Babaji Yoga Sangam to be established at this place , No. He brought tiger for the worship of DHANDAPANI, an idol of God Muruga at Palani,Tamilnadu. These Siddhar paadalgal collection includes Pambatti siddhar, Korakka (Gorakka) chittar, Sithar Idaikadar, Kongana sittar and other Tamil Sidhars. Bogar mantra will help to get away from chevvai dhosam The Gayatri Mantra. We can Also use the Shadakshari Mantra with Bheeja “Om Soum Sa-Ra-Va-Na-Ba-Va” 100000 times in 40 days to get the best out of this Subramanya yantra. Learn everything except the Sanjeevani which brings back the dead. Another famous Siddhar was Tirumular, who was a Tamil mystic and writer of 6 th century AD and was also one of the 18 Siddhars according to the Tamil Siddha tradition. O ne of my Guru Siddhar RajaKumar Swami when wandering about the jungles searching for a perfect mantra, Swami heard the voice of "Boodha Narayana Siddhar of Nambi Hills" in South India through "Asareeri" (revelation) and the voice said: “When you chant the names of all the 210 siddhars, you will receive the benefit of chanting all the mantras”. It deals with instinct and one’s most primitive survival needs. The mantra of the Tamil Siddhas "Sivayanama" is not merely a  Born in China Sri MahaBogar is said to have mast red all the mantras at a very young age. D. The guru of Ramadevar Siddhar is the great Siddhar Pulasthiyar. Some 5000 years ago, at the bidding of his guru, Kalinge, Bhogar travelled to China. According to Oneness Movement Central Florida. He is said to have crafted the famous idol of Lord Muruga at Palani. We are selling Rudraksha Beads,Rudraksha Mala, Nava Ratana, Nepal rudraksha, Indonesia rudraksha, Shiva Lingam Collections, Yendras, Spadiak Crystal, Parad, Pooja Kit, Certified Gemstones, Shaligram and more Bhogar / Bogar: Bhogar was a Siddha, meaning a holy saint, who practiced meditation, and other techniques (Mantra, Tantra, Yantra) to attain liberation. Boganathar was the Siddha guru of Kriya Babaji Nagaraj, the famed Himalayan master, of whom much has been written. Tag: Bogar siddhar mantra in tamil. But experts in Siddha Medicine especially having sound knowledge in Tamil Language can only be able to properly understand these verses. Their interpretation of the Gayatri Mantra provides a different and novel Perspective. Bogar in his biographies about Siddhas says, he was born in a Brahmin family. On looking at the devotion and dedication at which Babaji Nagaraj performed the penance, Bogar also further initiated his sincere disciple into more advanced kriyas. "THE definitive Ark companion app! Not just a taming calculator, but SO much more. every mantra is begin with OM word. This is not good. For Akarshana Shakthi: Moola Mantra (to be recited 100000 times in 40 days) KASTURI RANGA RANGA WITH TELUGU LYRICS Posted by M. Agastya was a revered Vedic sage of Hinduism. When i met a famous publisher at chennai, publishing spiritual books in tamil criticized on their third part of Bogar 7000 "there is the major difference between the third part of bogar 7000 with another version which was published by his father around some 50 years back". *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Siddhar Bogar sings about Sundaranandar in songs 5828 and 5829 in his book “ Bogar 7000 ”. Specializing in Power Train and Brakes, we offer prompt delivery and exceptional customer service. It had been compiled by my guru Yogi Collecting palm leaf manuscripts containing Bogar’s writings form private sources and libraries. The Moola mantra calls on the Divine and brings grace into your life, regardless of faith, beliefs, culture, or tradition. Find out the most important rules to follow for correct mantra chanting technique and allow yourself to maximise the powerful benefits of your prayers. He was the disciple of Bohr siddhar. He says that Sundarandar was an expert in space travel and samadhi yoga. 18 Siddhars have sung in Tamil in praise of Lord shiva through very meaningful padalgal (songs). BHOGAR - The Tamil Siddar - Kundalini Yoga, Spiritual Alchemy THE KUNDALINI KEY - Traditional forms of meditation are designed to fail! Energy Enhancement SAMADHI AND SAMYAMA is the fastest way to Enlightenment. time of worship OM word is pronounced many times. Born in China Sri Maha Bogar is said to have mast red all the mantras at a very young age. The mantra was Siddhar Bhoganathar: An Oceanic Life Story Bhogar or Bogar was a legendary South Indian Siddhar (a mystic, yogi). 165 to 1. Sundaranandar was born on the Tamil month of Aavani (August - September) on the star Revathi (3 rd part). Bhogar gives this fifteen syllable mantra garland of Manomani to his readers not without some reservation. It was here that he took Jeeva Samadhi. Reducción de Tallas. Bogar used herbal medicine (Siddha-medicine) and used many herbs to heal this Chinese body of many diseases and made it a perfect one. Solachi). This is like the Ganesha Mantra, suklambratharam vishnum sasi varnam chatur bhujam, prasanna vadnam dhyayeeth sarva vignopasanthaye. Most yoga and meditation groups speak of them, along with other esoteric blabber such as the raising of kundalini, opening of chakras, and other things which no one has actually experienced. e… samathi yoga. Kayam means physical body, and kalpam means to make it strong. Shiva is the one considered the greatest among the Hindu gods. Below Videos are uploaded: Murugan Aarupadai Veedu Temple Videos Sri Murugan 1008 potri Om Sharavana bhava - 108 times Sri Subramanya Moola Mantra Thrisadhi Sri Subramanya Sahasranamam murugan suprabatham Bogar pokkisam(போகர் பொக்கிஷம்) Mohini Teaches About MURUGA and His VEL Lord Muruga Worship by Master Shivabaraty - A Powerful Spiritual Practice Sathguru Venkataraman , the Master Siddha of our generation, taught us that one of the most important spiritual practices that one can incorporate in our regular puja is daily worship at the jeeva samadhi tomb shrines of great siddhas. AGASTHIAR MAHA MANTRA and Learning Aid. Your Key To Health Mantra Siddhar Bogar in his work Bogar 7000 says, Siddhar Sundaranandar is an expert in space travel and deep meditation i. . Many Siddhas, both formless and with form, perform their penance in Sathuragiri. Muruga gave him his blessings here, and from here Bogar went to Palani, to create and install the vigraham. Gorakhnathar; 8. “Bhoga! You are going against the divine will. He has attained samadhi at Alagar Malai. The following information is available about Sri Kamalamuni in the book " Bogar 7000 " written by siddhar Bogar. In the Indian tradition, he is a noted recluse and an influential scholar in diverse languages of the Indian subcontinent. 300 years and 18 days. Lord Murugan Murugan Moola Mantra (Karthikeya Moola Mantra) Moola Mantra Of Lord Murugan Benefit (s) : The Murugan Moola Mantra (also known as Karthikeya Moola Mantra) is dedicated to Lord Murugan who is also known as Skanda, Kandha, Subramanya, Shanmukha, Saravana, Karthikeya, Guha, and Velayutha a Such people can be helped a great deal by this thought purifying mantra of Maha Guru Agasthiar. Brief listing of Siddha’s Mantra: Incantation of mantras (powerful syllables or words) is said to grant powers to the one chanting them, Early part of Vedas has many of such mantras. They were primarily Saivaites who worshiped Shiva. Each bird has separate mantra, god, directions, yantra, and tantra. It was then passed to Yogiar, then to Shivagami (Swami Mantradikshananda). In his book Samarasa Gnanam, he clearly explained about the important nerve knots of human body. One way to send prayers and offer blessings is to make an intention before reciting svadhyaya, doing mantra japa, or chanting a namasankirtana. Furthermore, the system of healing that the Siddhars possessed was allegedly given to them by the god Murugan , son of the Hindu god Shiva. The term Vishnu means the one who supports. I have distilled what I feel to be the most relevant teachings and practices from the traditions of Shambhala, Vajrayana Buddhism, Kriya Yoga and Western Psychology into an accessible and potent path in which one learns to awaken to authentic presence, open the heart, experience the Siddhar Bogar sings about Sundaranandar in songs 5828 and 5829 in his book “ Bogar 7000 ”. Since this is the avatar mantra of the Maha Guru himself, a very respectful attitude must be maintained while chanting this mantra. Date: 1st January 2014 The First Chakra lies in the area of the rectum. Mantra Aum Navabaasha Vaigaraaya Vithmaheh Manmatha Roobhaaya Theemahi Thannoh Pirapancha Sanjaara Kriya Vajra Yoga is a multi-leveled path which offers the practitioner a complete spiritual training. 191 in the Sanskrit text Rigveda and other Vedic literature. Bhoganāthar was entrusted by the siddhas to define the rituals for the worship of Lord Muruga. Only the introduction was written in English by Yogi Ramaiah. PALANI AATHEENAM – SIDDHAR PULIPPANI TRADITION. It would be of interest to know that Bogar in his Saptakandam ( Bogar 7000) has given the longevity of the Siddhas with their ages. You can also find details related to Siddhas (including Siddhas listed below and also other Siddhas) in the home page, under section Prominent Siddhas. He is also associated with Mahavatar Babaji in some New Age circles. Lipoescultuta natural. After entering into this Chinese body Bogar had to cure all illness of this body. This massive work in three volumes contained all of Bogar’s known writings printed in their original Tamil Language on more than 2,000 pages. In songs 5920 and 5921, Bogar gives the following information. How to use panja boothas for mechanism were carried out along with mantra, yantra, and tantra. His original name was Sivalinga Deva Udayar. (See appendix B) In the same work one finds a description of the month, star and the caste in which each Siddha was born and also about the parentage. Dec 19, 2017 He admitted that Babaji was the one who had revealed the famous Maha Mantra to him which is found in the Kalisantara Upanishad. One might notice that no deity is mentioned in the Gayatri mantra. The life of Bhogar Siddhar. Konkanavar; 6. This is the major thing in the panja pakshi sastra. He had miraculous powers. There is a "Trident" at the top of the lamps to refer to the Three Lords, born out of the Pranava Mantra. The Tirumantiram of Tirumular plays a crucial role in this regard, as it is the ancient extant literature on the subject matter. . N. Sattaimuni; 9. " SRI RAMANA MAHARSHI, GURU, ENLIGHTENED ILLUMINATED SPIRITUAL MASTER GURU DIRECTORY - ENLIGHTENED ILLUMINATED SPIRITUAL ASCENDED MASTERS "Ramana Maharshi said that he had been able to deal with all the negative energies and energy blockages from everyone he met, but the Energy Blockages he had taken from his mother when she died in order to make The penance was done for long period without a break and gradually intensified. Each lamp encompassing "OM" stands for a Siddhar. 01-Feb-2019- Explore Bogar K's board "Durga" on Pinterest. pls give the details of agathiyar 12000 and bogar 12000 books Bogar or Bhogar or Boganathar was a legendary South Indian siddhar or alchemist. , is the oldest and most important text of Yoga from south India, It is a work of Yoga, tantra, mysticism, mantra, kundalini and monistic theism. In his book The Second Coming of Christ, Yogananda states that Jesus Christ went to India and conferred with Mahavatar Babaji. See how Mantras can help remove all obstacles and bring new positive energy into your life. எட்டு வகையான யோகாங்கம் அல்லது அட்டாங்க யோகம். Here we have given Bogar moola manthiram in Tamil. The event will take place on July 16, 2019 and falls on the day of Guru Purnima. , based in Windsor, Ontario offers all major brands of truck and trailer parts. Check next Friday to see what's playing & coming soon! Come visit us soon at the Bogar Theatre located in historic downtown Marshall, Michigan. Sri Vaanmeegar's birth star is Anusham in the Tamil month of Purattasi (September-October). 208 likes · 3 were here. 18 Siddhar temples, பதினெட்டு சித்தர்கள் கோவில், சித்தர் என்ற சொல்லுக்கு சித்தி பெற்றவர் என்றும், சிந்தை உடையவர் என்றும் பொருள். An eminent thinker and lively researcher, was well known for his simple usage of Tamil language to describe extraordinary concepts in Siddha Science. 2) There is a grill-structure with 18 lamps, just behind the Siddhar's shrine. That is why he got his name. 18 Siddhas - Siddhar - Shivam Rudraksha, Rudraksha Beads He is also known as the mandira Some of his works include 24 known works: mantra shastra, medicine He has attained samadhi at Alagar Siddhar Bogar sings about Sundaranandar in songs 5828 and 5829 in his book " Bogar 7000 ". Sundaranandar was born on the Tamil month of Aavani (August – September) on the star Revathi (3 rd part). If wherever it’s written about the friend or enemy birds it should be always understood that it’s not true as said above. Teleportation and ashtamasidhi, levitation and lagima, sidhargal and teleporgation, sidhas and gravity, varmakalai and sidhas, nokku varmam and sidhas, bogar thirumular agathiyar patanjalai ashtamasidhi, boopathy kuligai agathiyar, drinking ocean agathiyar Bogar began to utilize this alchemical recipe to make Navapashanam. He has  (87) In Karuvurar, a Tamil Siddha and a disciple of Bogar, we get another reason for this. Machamuni. The sand in this place is white, compared to red ones surrounding it. The Pranava Mantra "OM" is at its centre. PANCHA PAKSHI SASTRAM 1 The mantra, yantra and tantra all these three hidden arts are working only on this The great siddhars, yogis like Agasthiyar, Bogar If you are searching for how to worship lord Shiva, then you can find good tips here. Below is a list of 18 (eighteen) eminent Siddhas according to South Indian tradition. Pogar-7000 contains 7000 verses (songs) is a great treasure for Siddha Medicine. Bogar is a legendary South Indian Siddhar (a Mystic and a Yogi). Praying to Lord Hanuman by chanting the Hanuman Moola Mantra will help to beget the blessings of Lord Hanuman as he is one of the Gods that are extremely soft-hearted towards his devotees Check next Friday to see what's playing & coming soon! Come visit us soon at the Bogar Theatre located in historic downtown Marshall, Michigan. Most of the understanding of the biography of Siddhar Bogar is based on two of his poems, Janana Sagaram-557 and Saptakandam which is also called as Bogar-7000. This mantra is so highly esteemed among them that they will even interweave its syllables with the ancient Gayatri of the Rig Veda. This mantra evokes the living God, asking protection and freedom from all The calmness that the mantra can give is to be experienced, not spoken about. Bogar Siddhar is a well known Siddhar who made the idol of Lord Muruga at the hill temple. bogar tamilbogar tamil booksbogar tamil pdfpalani bogar tamilsiddhar bogar tamilbogar siddhar life history in tamilbogar siddhar mantra in tamilbogar 7000 tamil pdfbogar 12000 tamil pdfbogar 7000 meaning in tamil pdfbogar 7000 tamilbogar history tamilbogar siddhar tamilbogar 12000 tamil book free downloadbogar 12000 tamilbogar siddhar tamil history 51f937b7a3 Related Book Epub Books Bogar In the glorified history of Tamil Siddha Medicine System, Siddhar dhanvantari occupies a distinctive position as an exponent of Ayurveda System of medicine, which is an arm of Siddha Medicine System. It is believed that mantras work in two ways: 1) Because of the power of sounds (word) 2) because of the self-discipline it brings Home Tags Bogar siddhar mantra in tamil. 1. Lord Murugan Siddhar Bogar in Palani There is a temple in south India, at Palani that is dedicated to Lord Muruga, the son of Lord Shiva. 4. இயமம் - கொல்லாமை, வாய்மை, கள்ளாமை, பிறர் பொருள் விரும்பாமை, புலன் அடக்கம் என்பனவாம். com. This is the . A popular legend describes how Bogar made several missionary excursions into China. B,Chari at Tirumandiram (or Thirumandiram) written by the Yoga Siddhar Tirumular (or Thirumoolar) in Tamil, in more than three thousand verses, probably between the 4th and 6th centuries A. d'Bogar. 7. Hanuman Moola Mantra Benefit (s) : Lord Hanuman is said to be one of the saviour of mankind in Kali Yuga. Several perennial wells, small reservoirs and waterfalls are present around this temple; and it is said that the water of these wells have curative powers. Song 5729: Kamalamuni was born on the Tamil month of Vaikasi (May - June), his birth star being 2nd part of Poosam. Corrección de Postura. – all their Moola Mantra in Tamil, English Translation, their meaning & Audio in Tamil, English Translation, their meaning & Audio 5. Ganapathy] on Amazon. In Paramahansa Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi, many references are made to Mahavatar Babaji, including from Lahirī Mahasaya and Sri Yukteswar. Again the date of Tirumular and Tirumantiram has been, as the scholars so far have assigned different dates undecided (presently it varies from 3000 BCE to 4th / 5th centuries CE) depending upon different synchronisms. OM is main word and wholly word of Hindu religion origin. I will do whatever it takes and learn this Mantra or will get it through the God’s grace. In Bogar 700, we find a reference to the method of preparation of the greatest of medicines -muppu-by advocating which, the body will turn into divya deha, an immortal golden body. His guru is Kalanginaathar believed to be a Chinese and his disciple is Pulippani Siddhar (Whose Samadhi is in Tirupattur near Trichy). Kalangi Siddhar Temple, Kanjamalai, Salem Kalangi Siddhar Temple is one of the 18 Tamil Siddha temples and is situated at the foot of Kanja Malai. ( 82 ) The second is the method of kundalini yoga, which is the method adopted by all Tamil Siddhas. Bhogar used Kaya-Kalpa. His main works include BogarVaithyam 1000 Bogar 12000. Bogar is a Tamil siddhar who created Pazhani Lord Murugan idol. It is stated in Shastra that this mantra is the essence of all kavacha mantras, or mantras meant for wearing in a kavacha (capsule). The Lakshmi Mantra is recited to know your goal and as a means to fructify that goal. This Mantra is like calling a name. By dedicating  Bogar; 5. The First Recitation of the 18 Siddhars' Individual Gayatri Mantra Under the patronage of Satguru Brahmasree Shree Neela Samudra Simha Giri. arrow  Dec 17, 2010 The Rudrayamala Tantra [रुद्रयामल तंत्र], which is the ancient Hindu Scripture related to Tantra gives a variety of Mantra Sadhnas. His consciousness expanded and Babaji Nagaraj realized the divinity within him. According to legends and the temple scriptures of Palani temple,it is known that Bogar created the idol of Murugan at the hill temple in Palani by mixing nine poisonous herbs (Navapashanam) using a unique procedure. That’s what is good for you. His main works include Bogar Vaithyam 1000 Bogar 12000. There is no known written recipe for Navapashanam. This is the same powerful mantra that had been given by Babaji himself directly to Yogiar’s maternal grandfather, and then passed on to Yogiar’s mother (Sm. It has become quite popular nowadays to speak about mystical experiences and “siddhis”. shd include all temples like the Kathargamam Temple where Bogar had initiated Kriya babaji. He was initiated by Pulastiyar and Karuvoorar. Bhogar is known to have made his own Samadhi, his final resting place in this form which is a cave he dug out, a chamber under the very idol of Muruga (Dandapani vigraha). where bogar gives gayathri mantra and which bogar you quoted here, bogar is a mahayogi, there is no need to do simple mantra like gayatri, some people misguiding sir, take care April 6, 2013 at 1:48 AM Bogar is one of the earliest pilgrims to have traversed the Murugan Tiruppadai of Sri Lanka. He attained samathi in Madurai. We know by now that words have the power to change our reality, power to change the way we think and reprogram our subconscious mind. We can chant the following Moola Mantra with Bheeja mantra for particular purpose. Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the Avatar of our Age, has declared to us as follows:. Click on any picture to visit: The Life of Bhogar in Pictures. You can also chant the Moola mantra with a specific prayer in your heart if you wish. The life of Bhogar Siddhar, the ancient Tamil devotee of Palani Murugan and founder of Siddha alchemical practice who introduced siddha science to China at the time of Lao-tse. He was said to have been born into a Vannar family, and to have had miraculous powers. ” – said the Siddhas but Bhoga did not listen. Described in several traditions and  Bogar 7000 is the masterpiece by Siddhar Bogar. But Lakshmi Mantra is a prayer not only to gain Bohar Mahamanthiram / GnaniBirundavanar Gnanapeetam. Lakshmi Mantra is synonymously also called Money Mantra. He lived in pre-vedic period. Thirumanthiram is the tenth Thirumurai in the Tamil Saivaite Panniru Thirumurai. !! Bogar Siddhar Pooja The alchemy of turning poison to nectar. Agathiyar ainthu saathiram, Agathiyar kiriyai nool, Agathiyar attamasithu, Agathiyar vaithiyarathna surukkam, Agathiyar vagada venba, Agathiyar vaithiya koumi, Vaithiya rathnakaram, Vaithiya kannadi, Vaithiyam 1500, Vaithiyam 4600, Senthooran 300, Mani 400, Vaithiya Sindhamani, Karisilpachyam Siddhar Books,Songs,The Inner Music This mantra chant invokes the guidance of Mother Kundalini. There is an argument that the Valmiki who wrote Valmiki Ramayana is different from the siddhar Vaanmeegar of the south. Discover the most common mistakes with mantra chanting and learn how to avoid them. Remodelación progresiva de silueta. Just now reading archives I found an extract from it I thought was most interesting: "Without entering into the details we may say that in Tamil Siddha literature we come across three methods by which the human body can be transmuted into immortality. Some of his works include 24 known works: mantra shastra, medicine etc. It has been divided into nine sections called Tantras, containing the quintessence of the Saiva Agamas. Tirumandiram (or Thirumandiram) written by the Yoga Siddhar Tirumular (or Thirumoolar) in Tamil, in more than three thousand verses, probably between the 4th and 6th centuries A. Many of us unaware of Pulipani Siddhar in the realms of Tamil Siddha and at the same time there will be few people left among who knows the world famous siddha who attained the peak in his creativity and the power of his meditation and ‘dapas’ who, through his the power of his meditation and dapas had created the status of ‘Navapashana 6) Siddhar Bogar has done an Yagna in the North-East corner (Eesanya baagam) of this hill and sought permission from Muruga to do the Nava paashana vigraham. He and his wife Lopamudra are the celebrated authors of hymns 1. This is the Mother's secret mantra, a closely guarded secret of amongst Brahmins even today. Bhogar was a South Indian by birth, belonging to the caste of goldsmiths, who became a siddha purusha under the guidance of Kalangināthar. A master of astral projection and soul transmigration, Bogar entered the body of a recently deceased Chinese youth, revived it and grew to become the Chinese sage, Lao Tzu, author of the TAO TE CHING and founder of Taoism. The mantra is often written on a small piece of bark, such as from the botch tree. g. It contains 7000 songs. It deals with almost all subjects of siddha medicine especially of metals and minerals  21 மே 2016 The interpretation of the Gayatri Mantra depends on one's spiritual status I have written a few articles on the meaning of the Gayatri Mantra,  In the ancient pre-Vedic language Tamil, the word mantra is mentioned as ' mandiram' which also means magic- the ability to transform reality in a moment. Mantras are sacred  Mar 7, 2012 Konganavar is said to be the disciple of Siddhar Bogar (Bognathar) who is AND IT IS THE SAME MANTRA FOUND IN SRI SKANDA SASTI  Maha Guru Sri Agasthiar is the omnipresent Siddha manifestation of Siva. Bhogar / Bogar: Bhogar was a Siddha, meaning a holy saint, who practiced meditation, and other techniques (Mantra, Tantra, Yantra) to attain liberation. Kalinge an Indian by birth had been living in China, and wanted to hand over his mission to Bhogar, so on leaving Palani, Bogar transferred his shakti, or power, to his chief disciple, Pulippani, with strict instructions to Pulippani that should he sense Bogar in any trouble, he was to follow him immediately. It is believed that a 20 year internship is required to learn to make Navapashanam, IF a Navapashanam Master could be found who was willing to teach you. Siddhar Bhogar lived for aprox. Sundaranandar Siddhar Works/Books on Siddha Medicine: Bogar Truck Parts Inc. I remember having a text some years ago on siddha alchemy that was interesting. 5/2, Arulanandam Street, Santhome, Chennai - 600 004 on 1952 October 17th Friday afternoon between 12 noon and 3 pm, the sacred day of Vedicfolks is revering the great saints of India whose contributions to humanity in the fields of medicine, philosophy, literature etc are of great value. Meeting & Connecting With A Living Siddhar I have been very fortunate in meeting Balu Swami (Karur siddhar) by reading the blog by Uma Shiv Kumar. The Thought Purifying Mantra of Sri  Apr 2, 1996 Gayatri Mantra as part of their spiritual Sadhana. However, siddhar Bogar in his script "Bogar 7000" proclaims that they are one and the same. He is also known as the mandira siddhar. That idol is very powerful idol and it is being worshiped by thousands of people daily. Sri Sundaranandar had two disciples Sri Paramanadar and vaalai Siddhar. Kuthambai Siddhar Gayathri Mantra: E. and would recommend this book to those who seek answers about mantra, yantra and they do so with the most illustrious masters of Siddha Yoga--Bogar. bogar mantra

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